This book is a compilation of papers, book drafts and proposals I have written over the years aimed at helping people to recognize Type Three people or CMNs  – Cataclysmic Malignant Narcissists  – or – alternatively – and perhaps better given my new papers I have included here on affect dysregulation –  affect dysregulated people of the narcissistic type – and appreciate the dynamics they create. The book is particularly relevant given the polarization surrounding President Trump and what is being referred to in the media and the press as “Trumpism.”  It is meant for people of all ages and backgrounds. There is no doubt need for editing and the research needs to be updated, (especially in the section about the “fundamental attribution error”) however, these fundamental ideas have stood me in good stead for many years now and have been the foundation of my work as an expert witness and a clinical psychologist.  


1/ Type Three Personalities: Abusers and Their Victims     1

2/ Two Professional Book Proposals     8

  •     UnMasking the Abuse
  •     He’s Not Who You Think He Is

3/ Book Proposal: The Alloplastic Defense     52

4/ Considering Court     84

5/ White Papers and Proposals     91

  • Freud and The Fundamental Attribution Error
  • Projective Identification
  • Funding Proposal

6/ Unmasking the Abuse: Psychological Defenses in Child Custody Disputes      115


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