“CMN is a term I am proposing. It is comprised of the psychological defenses projection (blaming others for your own feelings and behaviors), projective identification (internalizing  – or believing – what the CMN is saying about you), dissociation (denying reality), and intermittent reinforcement (alternating between being rewarding and punishing behavior – often informally referred to as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality – it is the most effective way of controlling someone).

These defenses are associated with someone who is “dysregulated.” (Look up Dr. Allan N. Schore for more information about this disorder.)  These defenses operate automatically and out-of-awareness and neurobiologists have proven their existence.


CMNs believe in their reversed reality as much as they believe that a dropped ball will fall to the ground.


One Person, One Vote

One Person: One Vote The United States Constitution created voting districts to protect the fundamental constitutional principle of “one person, one vote.” “One person, one vote” is the governing principle of our democracy that makes every individual equal in the United States. “One person, one vote” is the bedrock of who we are as Americans.…


Our way out of this: Defining Evil and Prioritizing Good-Steve Reisner, PhD

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ty1HhODKVaI&feature=youtu.be   Dr. Reisner is an acclaimed ethicist and clinician. His talk and the comments of other esteemed psychologists and psychiatrists have lead to a discussion of whether Trump should be labelled evil or sick  – (in other words, the old “bad or mad” argument that came up when I was studying Harry Stack Sullivan…


Judging the First 100 Days

We are now looking at the first 100 days of The Trump administration, and we can gauge its success by reviewing how The Administration has met their responsibilities to our nation in the following areas: foreign relations, defense, economy, environment, healthcare, ability to lead the western world and ability to unify the United States. These…


Seeing is Not Believing

www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-walter-scott-mistrial-and-the-crisis-of-facts   This phenomenon described in the Walter Scott case above is an example of a psychological defense, sometimes referred to as the alloplastic defense, sometimes referred to as anosognosia  or a type of dissociation  or cognitive bias – all aspects of not being able to recognize or believe reality or perhaps better said, shaping…


Mr. Oz

Mike Colius, WSJ, January 16th, 2017 In an interview Monday, GM general counsel Craig Glidden declined to confirm specifics of the announcement but said any investment the company might disclose has been long planned and isn’t a response to pressure from Mr. Trump. This is all in the course of business for GM and for…